The experience of pleasure, for your body and soul

An expertly executed massage is an experience that enraptures all the senses and allows you to surrender to the warmth of touch and care. A massage given with presence of mind becomes a sacred experience and involves the soul, as well as all parts of the body.

Candles, incense and scented oils support every movement, while the areas of the body that are not massaged remain covered by a soft towel, and you can simply enjoy the moment. 

This massage can last 60 to 90 minutes, and it can be a more delicate or a more energetic massage, holistic or tantra. It can be received either wearing disposable underwear or naked.

Available for men and women, including four-handed technique, in Rome.

More about massage

The origin of massage goes back to bygone times, as human beings have always used it as a way of comforting and soothing. In the western world of the 21st century, it is usually considered a form of body therapy or, at best, a moment of relaxation and aesthetic care.

Being a long-time meditator and practitioner of energy disciplines, I use massage as an experience to get in touch with our body and consciousness. Rather than merely a therapy in the most conventional definition, it is an inner journey that stirs energies and emotions.

A ‘holistic massage‘ combines the touch with the intention to act on the subtle planes of the receiver (similarly to Reiki), that is, on the energies that flow in and around the physical body. ‘Tantra massage‘, on the other hand, engages and stimulates the most powerful (and often most congested) energy of the human being, namely what is commonly referred to as sexual energy.

Holistic massage is suitable for anyone who enjoys a full body massage, including abdomen and face (duration 60 minutes). Tantric massage requires a more active involvement of the receiver, through breathing and potential direct contact with intimate parts (duration 90 minutes), with the utmost mutual respect and the free choice to stop at any time. The person performing the massage will remain dressed at all times.

Marco Cattaneo GOTAM trained in holistic and tantric massage, and he combines Ayurvedic and Swedish techniques with the energetic background of an experienced meditator. Read the Complete Bio